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Analysis of the latest social apps. put money where your mouth is

There has been a long-running debate amongst many in the marketing world about the best way to harness the intrinsic value of Twitter conversation. I always argue that the value inherent in a spontaneous positive mention for your brand is pretty much priceless – but that’s because I’m a wishy-washy social media idealist. homepage

None-the-less I work with businesses that, very understandably, require a much more defined return-on-investment than just a warm, happy glow in their hearts.  So I’m pleased that the clever people over at have come up with a very simple but fiendishly effective way for anyone to start making money from their tweets.

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Facebook: Will it be the new internet?

Those of you who are geeky enough to be keeping up with social media news lately will have noticed some potentially game-changing announcements from Facebook. The techies at Zuckerberg’s market-leading social platform have been very busy pushing out new user & developer features that open up massive potential for integration across mobile & web, not to mention influencing the way we use the service.

Facebook Mobile annoucements - Mark Zuckerberg

Recent announcements include <quick gasp of air!> the launch of single sign-on for mobile apps, access to the Facebook Search & Places database for app developers, a ‘Deals’ feature for Pages that can be linked to locations, plus the updated Facebook messaging and a possible homepage tool on the horizon.

Such a battery of updates might lead conspiracy nuts (and me) to wonder about their game plan.  Could it be that the future of the internet is Facebook-shaped?  Are we looking at Google 2.0 (.4.6.1v3)?

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StickyBits: social media glue for the real world

Back in my music days I spent some time working for a Japanese company. Our primary role as UK office was to license UK club music, re-format into mobile-ready chunks and ship it out to Japan where it was being sold to cool kids and their new-fangled mobile devices.


Japan tends to be about 3-4 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of mobile technology so I had the opportunity to read our future when it came to handsets and new trends. Hi-res, colour & touch-screen was old hat by the time I left the company and they’d already moved on to things like built-in barcode scanners & mobile TV.

This sneak peek into our tech-future also allowed me to pick up ideas for innovative marketing strategies that I could employ in the UK once we’d caught up with the technology.

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Music remixed – 3 new apps for the youth of today

Some interesting new music ventures (courtesy of the Springwise spotters) for artists and their fans.

MOOD TRAXXER —’s Mood Traxxer aims help users find music to match their mood by getting them to describe their current state of mind, activity, needs and ‘drug’.

moodtraxxer screenshot

My actual state was – confused, looking for my keys, need my keys and ‘hay fever spray’. However, they cleverly limit you to a set of pre-defined options. Cunning.

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