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MeasurementCamp: How fashion brands are embracing social media

For those who haven’t heard of it, MeasurementCamp is a loose collective of individuals (mainly from the marketing industry) who meet regularly with the aim of developing an ‘industry standard’ way to measure social media campaigns.

Shop Pulse

Having taken a brief hiatus at the start of 2010, this monthly event has recently been revitalised in London with the first of the year taking place on 21st July.

So what did I learn at my first MeasurementCamp?

Well, it was a bit of a case study extravaganza with two of the three speakers focusing on how social media has successfully been used by fashion brands.

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Incentivising influence – is this paying for praise?

The most important reason to be active in Social Media as a business or an organisation is that you are identifying, communicating and building relationships with your biggest fans. Some call these happy people ‘brand advocates’, I like to call them ‘people who like you’.

Finding your biggest fans

Why are these people so valuable?

Because they like you and they use Social Media!

Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook & a whole host of new ones that are probably being launched as I write this, offer the potential for one person to influence hundreds, possibly thousands of people in an instant. That person’s opinion will always be a million times more valuable to their friends than anything you say to them.

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Blackthorn Listen to Cider-Lovin’ Facebook Activists

Anyone who has experienced The Apple Cider Boat on a heady summer’s day will know that we are very protective of our apple-based beverages around these parts. The South Bristolians amongst you may have also turned a wry smile to the localised graffiti that appeared on Blackthorn poster ads last year, claiming that the new Blackthorn taste was ‘crap’.

Blackthorn Poster - defaced by activists

The ill-informed decision by Blackthorn to move towards a more alcopop favouring pallete sparked a raucus response.  Local cider enthusiasts were quick to set up Facebook groups and motivate the West Country masses to revolt against this despicable new taste.

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