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Back in my music days I spent some time working for a Japanese company. Our primary role as UK office was to license UK club music, re-format into mobile-ready chunks and ship it out to Japan where it was being sold to cool kids and their new-fangled mobile devices.


Japan tends to be about 3-4 years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of mobile technology so I had the opportunity to read our future when it came to handsets and new trends. Hi-res, colour & touch-screen was old hat by the time I left the company and they’d already moved on to things like built-in barcode scanners & mobile TV.

This sneak peek into our tech-future also allowed me to pick up ideas for innovative marketing strategies that I could employ in the UK once we’d caught up with the technology.

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Ignite Bristol – 5 minutes of passion

This is a slightly belated post as the event took place in July.  But now the all the videos from the event have been uploaded onto their site I thought I would write a little bit about Ignite Bristol.

Ignite Bristol #2

The concept originated in the US and allows any motivated group of people to organise their own local event under the Ignite banner.  Each event offers a line-up of speakers (vetted and chosen by the organiser using a pre-event application process) who each have 5 minutes to talk about a subject or an idea that is close to their heart.  But the catch is that it has to be done to a slide presentation that is set to automatically advance every 15 seconds.

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Digg is dead, long live the new Digg4

I’ve recently got my hands on an invitation to the new Digg 4 (and some to give away – see below), which launched in invite-only Alpha a few weeks ago.  I’m really fascinated by social bookmarking as a concept and I’ve been pottering around on Digg for a while to get an idea on what makes it tick.

Digg4 - home page

The one overriding issue I’ve been pondering over is that although the basic concept is easy to grasp (see below for an explanation), the actual Digg experience is often a confusing one that leaves me feeling a little empty inside.

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MeasurementCamp: How fashion brands are embracing social media

For those who haven’t heard of it, MeasurementCamp is a loose collective of individuals (mainly from the marketing industry) who meet regularly with the aim of developing an ‘industry standard’ way to measure social media campaigns.

Shop Pulse

Having taken a brief hiatus at the start of 2010, this monthly event has recently been revitalised in London with the first of the year taking place on 21st July.

So what did I learn at my first MeasurementCamp?

Well, it was a bit of a case study extravaganza with two of the three speakers focusing on how social media has successfully been used by fashion brands.

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Incentivising influence – is this paying for praise?

The most important reason to be active in Social Media as a business or an organisation is that you are identifying, communicating and building relationships with your biggest fans. Some call these happy people ‘brand advocates’, I like to call them ‘people who like you’.

Finding your biggest fans

Why are these people so valuable?

Because they like you and they use Social Media!

Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook & a whole host of new ones that are probably being launched as I write this, offer the potential for one person to influence hundreds, possibly thousands of people in an instant. That person’s opinion will always be a million times more valuable to their friends than anything you say to them.

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Client Showcase: WWT Wildest Hide & Seek (working with Spirit PR)

Working as an Associate Consultant for Spirit to deliver a Social Media outreach & online PR campaign for the WWT.

WWT - Wildest Hide & Seek
The online campaign was part of a larger PR drive to encourage participation in the WWT ‘Wildest Hide & Seek’ wildlife survey, which took place from 21st – 31st May. As a result gardeners, bird-watchers, nature-lovers, ethical campaigners, parent communities and journalists from across the UK all offered their help by covering the week-long event, as well as many of them participating personally.

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Client Showcase: ActionAid ‘Make Your Mark’ (working with Spirit PR)

A short (2 week) Social Media outreach effort to create some awareness for ActionAid, their recent ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign and the associated event on College Green (Bristol).

make your mark - mosaic artwork

‘Make Your Mark’ asked locals to provide their self-portraits using a downloadable template available on the ActionAid site. The self-portraits from the hundreds of West Country folk who entered were used to create a giant mosaic, which was unveiled on Bristol’s College Green on 1st June.

The resulting artwork was a huge portrait of 5-year-old Enid from Uganda (see above), who represents children from developing countries across the globe unable to go to school because of poverty. The overall objective for ActionAid was to encourage more people from the South West to sponsor children like Enid, helping to bring things like education, health care & clean water to their whole community.

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Client Showcase: mflow (working with Brew, London)

Those of you who follow my personal profile on Twitter (@alexeilee) probably know I’ve been working for the last couple of months with the people over at London agency – Brew, supporting them with their Social Media campaign for new social music service – mflow.

mflow screenshot

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Quora – all of your questions answered

I was recently sent a private beta invite to new wiki-type Social Network / knowledgebase Quora, which is the brainchild of former Facebook people Adam D’Angelo & Charlie Cheever.   The start-up has already been massively invested in by US VCs, who piled millions into it earlier this year.


The concept is essentially a question & answer system that they call ‘reverse blogging’.  The idea is members post a question and wait in anticipation for the wisdom of the masses to provide them with an answer.  Kind of like Yahoo Answers but with an added topic / user ‘following’ element that is now a norm with most Social Networks and helps provide a more relevant experience (cuts out the reems of chaff).

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Music remixed – 3 new apps for the youth of today

Some interesting new music ventures (courtesy of the Springwise spotters) for artists and their fans.

MOOD TRAXXER —’s Mood Traxxer aims help users find music to match their mood by getting them to describe their current state of mind, activity, needs and ‘drug’.

moodtraxxer screenshot

My actual state was – confused, looking for my keys, need my keys and ‘hay fever spray’. However, they cleverly limit you to a set of pre-defined options. Cunning.

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