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FourSquare: Location-based apps will soon rule the earth

You may have heard the word ‘location’ knocking about a bit on your travels recently. There’s a lot of excitement about new Geo-based services being added to Facebook (and already on Twitter) that potentially allow users to link their location with an update. But more importantly they allow people to search / read other updates that have been posted in the same place.

This gold mine of opportunity for highly-targeted loyalty schemes, real-time recommendation and spontaneous meet ups has been noted by the location-based Social Network-cum-possible-next-big-thing FourSquare.

foursquare screenshot

Launched at SXSW in 2009, Foursquare has already gained enough momentum in the US to attract $1.35million investment from Union Square, who have previously put their faith (and their cash) in Twitter.

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MGMT – Congratulations (album review)

Some of my fondest childhood memories of daily life in the Lee household are set to a backdrop of 70’s psychedelic and progressive rock. The thought-provoking sounds of seminal bands like King Crimson, Pink Floyd and early Genesis (yes, the good bit before Phil Collins took over) were often heard drifting out of our sitting room and I most likely have those experiences to thank for my decision to carve out my previous musical career.

MGMT - Congratulations

So for those of you of the same age out there who have similar memories (I’m sure there are some) this album will provide you with a fantastical journey back to the heady days of experimental rock, when it was par for the course to dress up as a flower on stage, release 12 minute epics as radio-friendly singles and paint every wall in your house a different colour just for the hell of it.

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Blackthorn Listen to Cider-Lovin’ Facebook Activists

Anyone who has experienced The Apple Cider Boat on a heady summer’s day will know that we are very protective of our apple-based beverages around these parts. The South Bristolians amongst you may have also turned a wry smile to the localised graffiti that appeared on Blackthorn poster ads last year, claiming that the new Blackthorn taste was ‘crap’.

Blackthorn Poster - defaced by activists

The ill-informed decision by Blackthorn to move towards a more alcopop favouring pallete sparked a raucus response.  Local cider enthusiasts were quick to set up Facebook groups and motivate the West Country masses to revolt against this despicable new taste.

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An Invitation to React. Adapt.

React. Adapt.

To me, Social Media means collaboration.

For a music fan it can mean direct connection to their favourite artist, for an environmental charity it might provide a forum for alternative vision. The important thing to remember as a brand, business or organisation is that Social Media offers a unique opportunity to listen.

Most of us have always enjoyed expressing our opinion, it just so happens that a lot of us now do it online.

People Power

grassroots people power

The power of influence has shifted towards the hands of the consumer and that can only really ever be a good thing.

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